Friday, 6 January 2012

How Our Journey Began

So, it's the start of a new year and I have finally decided that after a couple of years of being an avid follower of many blogs and Youtube vlogs, that I would start to document my own journey.

In the (nearly) two years that my husband and I have been TTC, I have gained so much in the way of knowledge and support from the Internet that now it seems right that I contribute something myself! And for selfish reasons, I know that just as the diaries of my teenage years proved a necessary therapeutic outlet for my emotions, these cyber-musings of mine will be just as cathartic, even if far more public this time!

So over the next few days, I plan to begin telling my story so far, piece by piece until the present day.

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Khedegah said...

Hi Caroline,
My name is Khedegah, I am your FIRST follower :) so I said I would take the Mystery out of it. I am Irish, but I now live in Libya. I am the worse blogger hahahaha I started blogging years ago, and well faded away, but kept reading blogs, then starte a private blog about my life here in Libya, then when we moved back to Ireland for a few months, during the war I started another public blog ''Seeking'' but have to start posting better.

I am TTC too. Since July 2009 when I arrived in Libya.....I went to Libyan doctors (rubbish) and the second opinion I got in March 2010 was that I had PCOS , it was during a laproscoptomy, the doctor discovered this, (they do not do bld test here, just in it for money) and well I was Niave. Turns out Doctor took it upon himself to do Ovarian drilling at the time. I was put on Clomid two rounds...then took a med break. During my break the war started, and my Libyan husband, and I were ''repatriated'' back to Ireland. There I seeked a third opinion. Well I asked for blood test. I had asked in Libya but both doctors said ''it was not necessary''. I guess I just had a gut feeling, and yes I wass right. I had Thyroid dysfunction. I am HypoThyroid. Ok so back in Libya again, taken Throxine since August, and it seems to have improved me. Cycles are /regular and longer Lutael phase, which is good ;) Ok so I am still TTC , and that is just a BREIF description of TTC for me..... Anyway I look forward to becoming friends en sha Allah
Khedegah xxxx

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